My Time Table

I am currently feeling down and I thought, why not write about it?
Sometimes writing about your pain and joy adds up to a very exquisite piece of work. Someting thay you may look back that you could say, wow!, I wrote this? hahaha So here it goes.

Today I have been scrolling through facebook and I stumbled upon a very happy post. It is about my former schoolmate who happened to have passed a licensure exam for medical technology. I am happy ofcourse! Its good to know that their tears and hardship paid off and now they are starting a new chapter of their life. I have seen them in such pain to just to be where they are now. I can truly say I have felt the victory that they are feeling right now. But theres a part that mourns for me. I have been optimistic by the past years. I have been denying that being left out by the phase of life is not affecting me. It does. How could such person feel nothing about it? It’s true that we have our own time. But do I really have my own time? or maybe what I’m doing is not enough thats why Im left alone to where I am now. I realize why I love games so much. If only life is like a game that when you fuck it up you’ll just have to start over again without being judged, without having the feeling that you have been left out, without pain, without anything bad at all.


It’s been a long time! Thank you for always being with me guys💛 Sending you heartful thank you’s !!!!😘💕💕💕💕

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