There was a crumpled paper on the floor.
It was tossed and used by so many people.
It was never made to be loved and cared for.
The crumpled paper is satisfied by just being in that floor.

In that floor she will remain unnoticed.
In that floor she will disappoint no one anymore.
In that floor, tho hidden, she will remain whole and not torn.
At least in that floor she found solace.

But one day, she was seen by some guy.
A guy noticed her from that dark and dusty floor.
The guy picked her up and made use of her.
The guy made the paper happy once in her life.

Since that happened, the guy and the crumpled paper was inseparable.
They eat together – sing together – laugh together – cry together – and love together – I mean, each other.

It seems no ending.
It was such a happy life.
But somethings are just not meant to stay forever.
The crumpled paper’s destiny was to rot and die alone.
And now, she will pay every ounce of happiness with amountful of pain, longer than her life.

But if in her pain she will see the guy grow and find its way to happiness.
Then that pain is worth having.

Its been such a happy life with you and I really dont want to let you go.
But if it means that by staying beside you will only bring endless suffering, then I have to set you free.

Not a special girl but just a crumpled paper you picked from the floor.

PS.dont feel sorry for me.




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