Love Once Lost

Do people really place more value on a love that was once lost then found again?

Those were the lines I have heard from the lady in a famous Taiwan series.

And I agreed. I treasured them so much than before. But as I think of it. I am wrong.

The pain. The mistakes. The tears. The heartaches. They will all come back to hunt you.

You forgive and tries to forget. But the heart never forgets. It will make you feel the pain all over again. You will remember how broken you are. And you will regret it. But you will never leave.

It will last longer than before but it will never be the same.


photo credits:…45296.45910..46122…0.0..0.166.459.0j3……0….1.MUg8gO7fnOw#imgrc=XOs9nKWDazeuwM:


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