Girl Gamer 🎮

I like playing games, may it be in the phone or those computer ones.
I like those ones where you could compete and team up with other players. I like talking to people I cannot see because I’m a very shy person and I lack socializing skills. I’m not a good player and sometimes killed first in shooting games but I still enjoyed it. But yesterday I am very disappointed. I am a girl and it’s natural when boys from the game carry you like a baby (you know what I mean). I am very grateful by that and it does really helped me a lot to level up easily. So back to the story, there was this little boy who keeps on saying that he could handle all three people without dying or knocked out (well maybe that could be true, but I am not him). Someone from the group asked me of I’m still watching and I answered; ” yep still here, even tho I’m kinda annoyed by the kid from the group”. The kid then answered; “who you calling a kid huh?!”. Then I laughed and said; “see?, that kid”. Just to clarify, I dont bully kids in games as long as youre humble and kind and to tell you, I have a lot of friends in the game who I team up with that is in it’s 12th year old and up. They are all cute and kind and very humble and also good too. So back to the story, I was laughing when this kid told me to just quit because I have no help for the group and he was better and stuff like that. So I was just laughing and teased him saying; ” bata, bata, bata” which means kid, kid, kid or something like that. Then one of our team mates says that we are so noisy so I just stop laughing and shut up. But then this kid said that I left because I’m crying of what I just said but damn boy if I really did cried? It was tears of joy because he was so annoyed when I told him his a kid, which is true. So I just told him that I’m still here watching them. But then this one boy in the group told me to just quit because I became angry with the little kid just coz I died first. And I’m like whaaat?! First I am not angry. Second I died first and still not angry. And he kept telling me that girls should not play those kind of stuff that I should plau barbie and that kind of stuff. And damn I was speechless. Like seriously?! I did not say a word and just left the group. I want to speak up for myself that time but I remember that this is just a game and people who speaks like that are those people who live a life behind screens and it’s their sense of fulfillment when they bash and say hurtful words to others. I pity them. I didnt answer for it may hurt them and might destroy them. I dont want to do something they are doing because I dont want to be like them. But guys?! Really?! A girl can play games if she wants to. A girl can sometimes want shooting games rather than playing barbies. A girl can compete even to men ( I played the game ROS-solo mode and got chicken dinner). Games are not for boys only. Games are for fun, not a life.


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