Happy Birthday (Little things don’t matter)

Today is the day after your birthday.
I bought you a cake. I cooperated with your mom and sibling to surprise you. I’m the one who reserved the pension house they will stay in when they arrive. Everything is all set.

You are not surprised cause you see it coming. Plus your brother has given you confirmation about your mom arriving just for your day. I tried my best to hide it all but it didn’t work. I failed but it’s okay.

I saw your mom so happy seeing you. They greeted you a happy birthday. They gave you hugs and kisses. Then we walked to have some dinner in some fast food chain. As we walked I was left alone at the back, seemingly so out of place. But I understand. Your mom missed you and you missed her too.

Your mom ordered some food. You went outside to buy some mineral water. While you were outside they were preparing the happy birthday sign for the cake. I feel so nervous knowing that you hate those stuff but I let them cause mother’s knows best. You came and you looked so angry.

Your brows are about to be connected. I kept looking at you and I want you to calm down. I hold your hand but you only looked at me with hatred. I saw a text of your bestfriend telling you what’s the problem. I tried borrowing your phone and I saw that you texted her expressions to show how pissed you are. I don’t know but it felt so painful.

The day end and I thought everything is okay. We kissed and bid goodbye. I texted you how sorry I am but I got no reply. I got no thank you’s.

I don’t know how should I feel about this. My heart is just so broken that it feels like my effort are not appreciated. A simple thank you and a genuine smile would do. But I guess little things most of the times don’t matter.


credits: https://www.pinterest.ph/offsite/?token=234-870&url=http%3A%2F%2Finspiremebaby.com%2F2013%2F02%2F12%2Fcake-smash-idea%2F&pin=476677941790582021&client_tracking_params=CwABAAAADDgyNzQ2NzUzMDk5NgA


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