Under the midnight moon I told you I’m a good actress. You dont agree. You laughed, contented of what you have believed in. I smiled thinking, if you only knew then you would understand. But I want you to remain ignorant, that way you would feel you have done the right thing for once. Me.

I always tell you that I can never lie infront of you. You always agree by saying my actions shows. But darling it’s only a part of a show. I am not good in lying but I’m at my best in pretending.

I cry myself every night when the clock ticks at two.
I always remind myself to put on a good mask, a happy one cause by that I won’t burden you.
I smile and laugh and make you feel that you have done everything right.
And baby sometimes you do but most of the time you don’t.

I am broken and yes I’m still hurt.
I still hate the girl that you loved before and the girl you chose over me.
I still question myself why I stay by your side.
My heart always shatter when you mention the word commitment.

But you didnt notice, did you?
I’m a good actress but you’ll never know.
Cause it takes a choice to know me.
It takes great love to dig deep within me.
And it takes commitment to remain patient for you to see.
Sadly you have given those three things to other things but me.


2 thoughts on “ACTRESS

  1. This strikes a chord with me and I’m so glad you decided to join me in this blogging journey through life. We can sometimes gain joy, understanding, comfort, help or even just a bit of a relief from our fellow bloggers’ posts.
    No acting required- just pour it out and be yourself❤️
    I find listening to Brian Weiss relaxation tapes on YouTube really helpful in the middle of a sleepless night x thanks again for joining me on my own rollercoaster x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. I am happy that someone out there really do understand me. Life is just so chaotic and even just once you really need someone to make you realize you are not alone😊
    I will surely listen to Brian Weiss cause it might help me too😊
    Writing poems and different stuff is also my way of letting go of everything in my chest. And I am hoping that my poetry will reach someones heart out there, bringing them relief, joy, comfort and peace💛


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