Will never be enough…

How can I compete to such a lovely lady like her?

How can I fight a battle that she already won?

How can I stop you from leaving if you have made up your mind?

How can I make you choose me when you already chose her from the beginning?

How can you love me if you love her?

How will you give us a chance if youre giving her one?

How can I stay at peace when I know you might fall in love?

How can our future be clear when youre still keeping her?

How can you be happy with her and not think of me?

How can you care for such girl that will never care for you?

She may be with you right now but she will leave.

That girl is temporary, she will be there until she will find her place.

I promised to give you my future.

I am willing to give up my name.

But instead of being thankful, you pushed me away with disgust.

Well I guess, maybe my self will never be enough for a life without that girl.


credits photo: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/29/bf/b2/29bfb2b6174e03b90d66b356c96387e1.jpg


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