I want to die…

There will be a point of your life where you’ll realized that no one loves you, not even yourself.

There will be a time where each person you cared and loved for will turn it’s back on you and will never even look at you.

When that time comes, everything around you will crumble.

Your heart will hurt.

You won’t even be able to properly breath.

Your body will feel heavy.

And when you try to cry, no tears will come out.

You will be full of regrets, resentment, sadness, anger, guilt, and disappointments.

And in that moment you will search for a painless suicide to end your life.


And after all the hopelessness that you have felt.

You’ll begin to cry.

The pillow is now soaked with all things you have kept inside.

Then you fell asleep – hoping and dreaming you will die.


credits (photo): https://www.pinterest.com/pin/368802656982186069/


Living Statue

I’m in the midst of understanding, the battle that I am fighting.

I hold no weapon.

No metal engraved for my own protection.

What I have is my flesh.

And a missing soul.

I want to understand.

To know.

To see.

I want to fight.

But what for?

I’m dying.

I’m losing.

It seems that everyday.

The world pierce me deep within my heart.

Deeper and deeper.

Bigger and bigger.

Until I felt nothing but nothingness.

I grew numb.

No love.

No hope.


Maybe just a little bit of bitterness I guess.

Maybe a bit of it, I wish.

But now I have seen.

There’s now a living statue born inside of me.


credits (photo): https://www.pinterest.com/pin/44121271324043789/

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Nostalgic Raindrops

We met. Tip. Top. Tip. Top.

Raindrops fell from sky.

A million tiny wet pops.

That came from way up high.

‘Twas that rainy season.

‘Twas thay cold windy day.

I came to know a person.

I have loved since and till today.

We shared cute little moments.

And shared each others life.

We gazed the “us” tomorrow.

And said “it’s a forever with you and I”

My eyes came teary open.

As life unfolds the truth.

Thay you my love is just an illusion.

A dream. A nightmare. A lie.

I took the risk and loved you still.

My soul and mind I offered.

As it begins, I clearly knew.

My heart will break and shatter.

I patiently waited for things to change.

But it seems there’ll be no chance at all.

As I moved on and lay my flesh to rest.

It was always you I reminisce.

I miss the way you cared for me.

The us and what was used to be.

I wished to travel back from that exact point of time.

Where we met. Tip. Top. Tip. Top.

When raindrops fell from sky.


Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/94434923416668039/

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You are mine

You were a distant fantasy, I say.

Wishing I could hold those cold sligthly callused hands.

Dreaming about kissing those red pinkish lips.

But I knew you are a prince that will never be mine.

And a ugly commoner I will forever remain.

As I am close to capitulate the love that I’d die for to exist.

In my slumber, where I can freely speak.

I entreat, “love me”.

Oh please do!

In that day where the sky is dark, I witnessed no shooting star.

In that night where everything around me is as black as the crow, I have found no fountain to wish upon.

Amidst of all the impossibility, how come my prince you kneeled down infront of me.

The bare hands I long wanted to hold offered me a golden box that could make me shed a millions tears of joy and pain.

It’s a heart. Your heart.

A heart beating for me.

With no doubt, you hold my hands and kiss my lips light.

And there I am, standing with a speechless blank mind.

Im astonished that made me unable to speak a word.

A miracle.

The heavens answered my plea.

You pulled me closer and that woke me up.

I was about to ask you why.

But the you whispered.

“I am yours”

I shut my eyes close as if all of this is just a dream.


I smiled.

Looked at him in the eye,

and answered,

“Yes, You are mine”.


For my darling, my love, my langga.

I love you💋

Credits for the photo: ohhappyday.com/2017/02/giant-ombre-heart-balloon-backdrop/

I can’t stop crying.

I want to cry no more.

When I met you, I have never expected that you’d be this important.

I didn’t knew I’d love you this hard.

When we started dating, I wasn’t even so sure if you are the one.

but there will be a point of time that each of us will realize things.

and my time has come.

A moment of my life where I chose to let go of you.

I never realize how strongly independent I am to you ’till you’re not within my reach.

I cried.

I cried.

I cried –

cried ’till I could reach your heart again.

And this is the point of time where I also realize.

I’m still crying.

I may have reached your hands now but it can never cover up the fact that I will never reach your heart again.

And for that, I will always keep on crying.


credits to pinterest for the picture:https://www.pinterest.com/pin/466896686354257644/

Favorite Songs

Hello My followers!!!!!! and readers!!!!! hahahahhahah so today I’ll be sharing songs I like from the past few months of heartbreaks and pains. So let’s get started!!

Title: You are the reason (why Calum! Why break our hearts 😦 )

Title: Dancing On My Own (Calcum’s Version) (okay where’d you put those onions guys!)

This song is from Calcum Scott debut album “Only Human”

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShZ978fBl6Y


True Version of Dancing on My Own is from Robyn (raaaaaaaawr)

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcNo07Xp8aQ

Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra (my heart huhuhuhu 😦 )

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bzIpYiPUUo

IDGAF by Dua Lipa (ugh so strooooooong! waaaaaah!! hahahhahahha)

Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgfe5tIwOj0


That’s all for now! Ciao’!!!

Credits Photo: https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=music&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjX_Jfci_jZAhUI5bwKHUL8BNoQ_AUICygC#imgrc=ptNru-iY-zffxM:



Kung matatapos ba ang buhay ko sa araw na ito, matututo kana bang panindigan ako?

Kaya mo na bang mabuhay na ako lang ang tanging kaibigan na nag papasaya sayo?

Maliban sa Ina at kapatid.

Kaya mo na bang talikuran lahat ng babaeng maaring magpatibok ng puso mo?

Kung mawawala ako, papayag ka na bang maging ikaw at ako?

Papayag ka na ba na kumain ng tanghali.an araw araw kasama ko?

Kakainin mo naba ang luto ko na walang halong pagkadismaya?

Sa tuwing nag tatampo ako, hindi mo na ba ako iiwan at pababayaan?
Papasayahin mo ba ako hanggang makangiti ulit ako at wala ng galit?

Pag tatalon ba ako ngayon sa pinaka mataas na palapag.

Pag ininum ko ba itong dalawampung medesina.

Pag ba ang leeg ko ay nakatali sa punong narra.

At pag ba ang hininga ko ay tapos na.

Makikita mo ba mahal na iniibig kita?

Makikita mo ba na nandito lang ako nakasupporta?

Makikita mo pa ang pagod, pawis at pagmamahal sa luto ko?

Makikita mo ba na nasasaktan ako?
Makikita mo ba na wala akong ibang hiniling kundi kasiyahan mo?

Makikita mo ba na gusto kung sabihin mo na ayaw mo na kung talagang ayaw mo na?

Makikita mo ba na binibigyan mo lang ako ng pag-asa?

Makikita mo ba na unti unti mo akong pinapatay?

Makikita mo ba ang luha sa mata?

Pag mawawala ba ako mahal?

Sapat naba lahat ng ginawa ko?

Sapat naba ako?

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Credits: for the photo – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/364932376032781572/


Broken Infinity

I once told you that if your love fade away, it’s okay.

If I won’t be enough anymore, it’s fine.

If you find your happiness with someone else, it’s alright.

I will be okay, fine, and alright.

You cried that night because you can’t imagine happening it to us.

I somehow knew this would happen.

I somehow knew that a person like me can’t be loved forever, or a lifetime rather.

That’s why I always remind you that I’ll be okay, fine and alright and I mean it.

I really do.

You vowed tho, thinking I’m just paranoid.

You promised that you will stay beside me.

“Grow old with me”

Such lovely words.

Somehow my destiny find it’s way to us.

We grew apart.

You forget your vow.

Unfortunately, I forgot what I know is destined.

I questioned you a lot.



and why.

All along I knew.

I just forgot or maybe I chose to.

I believed you- that you’ll stay with me.

Then the right time came.

A fate destined to happen.

It’s okay.

It’s fine.

It’s alright.

I know it is not okay.

It will never be fine.

I will never be alright.

But I’m happy tho, even for such little time.

You made me believe how an infinity felt like.

Too bad what we had is a broken one.


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Ps. I chose dango🍡 border because it reminds me of the person I’m dedicating this poetry to.

Credits to photo: https://www.google.com.ph/search?client=ms-android-oppo&tbs=isz:l&tbm=isch&q=broken+infinity+symbol+colorful&chips=q:broken+infinity+symbol+colorful,online_chips:created,online_chips:feather&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjGlZfh2KXZAhUIhbwKHfNID00Q4lYINygA&biw=360&bih=566&dpr=2

🔴But Me🔴

Should I fight for it?

Do you think I should fight for it?

My love?

My right to stop them?

Should I do it?

Can I?

Should I?

I love him.

I respect her.

I love him.

I respect her.

Should I do it?

Stop them?

He loves her.

She loves him.

He loves her.

She loves him.

Should I still do it?

Can I?

Should I?

Even if it hurts them.

Even if it hurts him.

Should I?

Can I?

I think I shouldn’t tho.

But can I?

Or no.

Maybe I should be happy.

Maybe I should stop.

Maybe I can let them be.

Maybe it should me hurting.

Not them.

Not her.

Not him.

But me.



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Credits to photo:https://www.eharmony.com/dating-advice/relationships/nine-things-to-never-do-after-a-breakup/

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What do I have to give to be loved?
I don’t have the looks.
I dont have the talent.
I dont have the brain.
I don’t even had the figure.
What do I have to give to be loved?
Is my love not enough?
Is my care not enough?
Is my time not enough?
Is my sacrifices not enough?
What do I have to give to be loved?
Is my pride not enough?
Is my loyalty not enough?
Is my selfless love not enough?
Is my soul not enough?
Is my entirety not enough?
What do I have to give to be loved?
If you want me to be beautiful outside, just say so. I would willingly change my appearance for you.
If you want me to have a perfect figure, just say so. I would starve and work out to death for you.
If you want me to have the brains to compete to you, just say so. I would read books every minute, every second to get me where you want.
If you want me to be talented, just say so. I would go to different lesson in everyday to know how to sing and dance and whatever you want.
If only you would say a thing to me.
But instead you blame yourself for not being enough and left me.
You said it’s for my sake.
Then tell me why?
Why do you look so happy?
Then here I am, dying – with a heartbreak no words could explain the pain.
Why can’t you tell me straight to my face.
Cause baby if you tell me you left because you see yourself not enough for me then I will tell you that you are and if it ain’t true – well I don’t care.
Now please tell me.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me you don’t love me.
Tell me you don’t need me.
Tell me you don’t see me enough to stay.
Tell me so that I will know.
Tell me so that I can go.
Tell me and I’ll let you go.


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Credits to the photo: palner.blogspot.com/2017/10/crying-girl-digital-painting.html?m=1